Three Questions To Ask Your Self-Storage Facility

As you look for a self-storage facility for your personal items, it's a good idea to get an understanding of what the facility has to offer. Storage facilities sometimes offer added amenities that are free of charge, while others provide some add-on features that might cost a little more each month. Before you sign a lease for a storage unit, here are some questions to ask to make sure you are getting a unit that meets your needs.

Do You Provide Moving Equipment?

Some storage facilities make certain types of moving equipment available for tenants. This might mean having dollies and hand trucks you can use to cart items to and from your car, or it might mean offering optional shelving you can use in your unit. Ask about any items you can purchase as well, such as extra moving boxes. This option comes in handy when you have boxes that rip and tear, as well as when you simply run out of boxes.

Are Locks Included?

Your storage facility may have specific rules regarding the locks used to secure your unit. You may be required to use a facility-issued lock, or you may be required to provide a spare key for any lock you purchase on your own. Having the freedom to choose your own lock may provide you with added peace of mind that your items are stored securely. Consider asking about other security measures that might be included as well, such as key entry systems or door alarms, which can provide additional layers of security for the facility and your storage unit.

Do You Offer Assistance?

Not everyone is strong enough to move around large boxes or heavy furniture in and out of their storage units. You may find that you need a little extra help moving items into your unit, and you might also need help moving stacks of boxes to access items already in storage. Ask what the facility's policy is on assisting tenants, and try to find a storage company that will help you if you need an extra hand. Some storage facilities also offer moving services, which means that they may charge a fee for help. However, paying a small fee to get your items moved safely can be worth it.

Take your time when comparing self-storage facilities, and be sure that the one you choose offers the amenities you want and the additional storage space you need for your personal possessions.