What Your Movers Want You To Know

Whether you are moving locally or across state lines, when you hire movers to assist you in your relocation, you benefit in big ways. The process is smoother and more organized. Plus, fewer of your items are going to be jostled or broken during transit (professional care can help keep all your belongings safe). 

When you hire moving companies to make your move happen, they want you to know some things in order to make the move the most successful. Here are just some of these things.

Your moving dates are approximate

While you will be provided an itinerary for your moving schedule, know that the arrival dates for your belongings are approximate and not exact. The itinerary is provided to help you understand the planned process for getting your belongings to their new location and to give you peace of mind.

You'll transport some things yourself

When your movers transport your belongings, they may not move everything. They may have some items that they don't move like plants, mirrors, artwork, or other items. You'll be left to transport these items yourself or find other means of transport. This is often because moving companies are not covered for these items or don't want the liability, which you will have to work around.

It's best to let them do their job

If your movers are going to pack up and transport your belongings, then stay out of the way and let them do their job. They want you to know that anything you'd like to move yourself should be set aside and included in your itinerary with your planning associate. Then you'll pack and move those items on your own time outside the scheduled packing and moving date of your movers. This is the best way to let them do their job safely and with the least amount of distractions.

Remove your children and pets

Your movers don't want the worry of trying to keep pets and children from running outside when you move, and they also don't want to have to worry about themselves being harassed by pets or curious children as well. Please remove your children and pets from your home when the movers are there, or at the least, let your movers know you do have pets and children and be present to keep an eye on them when the movers are there. They will work around your home life in a professional manner as much as they can.

Contact a local moving company to learn more.