Using A Self-Storage Space As A Warehouse For Your Online Sales Shop

Whether you've started your own online boutique or you create handmade soap to sell online, you may find that your growing online sales shop requires more space than you have available in your home. A self-storage space can provide the extra room you need to accommodate your growing small business empire. Here are just a few ways you can use your self-storage unit.

Inventory Organization

As your business grows, you may need more room for inventory. Your self-storage unit can function as a warehouse for these items. Invest in freestanding metal shelving units and plastic storage trays to sort and organize your inventory. If you sell apparel or other fabric goods, replace the shelves with metal rods you can use to hang your items. Cover each shelving unit with plastic sheeting to protect your inventory from dust and damage. If you plan to use your self-storage unit for inventory, consider a climate-controlled unit to help ensure your items stay in great shape before they are sold, packed, and shipped.

Raw Material Storage

You need raw materials to create your products, such as bolts of fabric for clothing or bottles of lye for soap. The more you sell, the more raw materials you need to refresh your inventory. This may mean purchasing materials in bulk, which can take up precious space in your home. Use your self-storage unit to create a material storage system for creating your items. Be sure to check with the storage facility to ensure that you aren't storing anything that is not allowed. Some facilities may have restrictions on chemicals and other items that you might need to manufacture your goods. You may also need climate-controlled storage to ensure that the materials you use don't deteriorate in extreme weather conditions.

Personal Office

In some cases, you may find that you need more room to create a personal office. Ask your self-storage facility if it allows tenants to work out of their storage units before you move in a desk and home office equipment. You can carve out a corner of the unit for your office and use the rest for storage of inventory and materials, and you can even create a workstation for assembling or creating your products. Having everything in one space can make it easy for you to manage and run your business every day.

Your growing business may be at a turning point, but you may not be quite ready to lease a commercial office space or warehouse. Use your self-storage unit to create the space you need to get from a home-based business to a professional company and keep the clutter that comes from running an online shop out of your home. For more information, contact a business such as Security Self Storage.