Little Tips That Will Make Your Next PCS Move Easier On You

As a member of the military, few things are as stressful as getting your PCS orders and knowing that soon, you'll have to move. You don't usually have a ton of time to plan, and between finding a new place, getting used to a new location, and informing family of the changes, you are bound to be busy. The following little tips will go a long way towards making your next PCS move easier on you and on family members.

1. Keep copies of your orders handy.

Many moving companies, moving supply companies, and truck rental services offer substantial discounts for military members. However, you will often need to show a copy of your PCS orders to get the discount. To avoid paying more than you have to, print off a few copies of your orders to keep on hand at all times throughout the moving process.

2. Rent a storage unit for extras.

Moving everything right now may be too big of a burden, both time-wise and financially. Consider renting a storage unit and keeping many of your items in it for the time being. Just move the essentials. Give yourself time to settle in, and then go back to move the stored items at a later date.

3. Don't try to do it yourself.

DIY moves are for college students and retirees who have plenty of spare time. While you might save a few bucks moving on your own, you'll sacrifice your sanity. Hire a moving company, if not to pack, then at least to load the moving truck and actually transport your things. This will free up at least two days in your schedule, and you can use those days to see family members and friends.

4. Don't over-extend yourself on a new home.

Especially if you have a spouse who will need to find a new job now that you're relocating, be careful not to buy or rent a house that costs too much. You don't want to be strapped for cash when your spouse is job-hunting and you're just trying to settle in.

5. Take friends and family members up on their offers to help.

You may feel guilty accepting help from people, but this is a time in your life when you really can't afford to say "no." If someone offers to watch your kids, help you pack, or otherwise assist with your move, just accept their help and thank them. You can pay them back by helping them one day.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for you move and contact moving companies that have experience with military relocation