Ensure The Items In Your Self-Storage Remain In Top Condition With These Tips

If you are looking to take out a self-storage unit in the near future to give yourself a little extra space at home, you will of course want to ensure that every item you put into the storage space remains in good condition no matter how long it sits there. Thankfully, that's not a hard feat to accomplish as long as you are smart about how you protect and pack your items. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind if you want to preserve the items in your self-storage unit. 

Consider Climate Control

If you have any items that are sensitive even a little bit to temperature, you really should look into renting a climate-controlled unit. The wrong temperature could cause paper-based items to yellow or wood to warp. If you took care not to put a certain item in the basement or attic at home, you should use the same caution when putting it into a storage unit. Climate control will ensure that your items remain at a comfortable temperature regardless of whether it's scorching hot or icy cold outside.

Cover Items Up

If you have premium furniture, designer clothes or anything else that you don't want to get even a speck of dust on, bring some old bedsheets or another type of covering with you. Your designer clothes or suits should stay inside a wardrobe garment. Your sofa or love seat can be draped over so the cushions are completely covered. If you got the climate-controlled unit as suggested, that should actually help a bit with airflow through the unit, but you should still cover up your most expensive items just to be safe.

Don't Get Top Heavy

Most people know to put heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on the top. But what can happen as the months go on is you'll have another box to put in the unit, but decide to get lazy about it and just put it on top of the first stack you see so you can get out of there and back to your day. Try to retain the heavy to light hierarchy even when adding new boxes to the unit.

Consider Insurance

Finally, just in case something does go sideways, your self-storage company will likely offer you an insurance policy that may be worth a look at. Contact a local self-storage company today for more information