Hiring Movers When You Have Trouble Getting Around

Do you have a temporary or permanent disability that makes it hard for you to get around? Then, you're probably pretty apprehensive about having to move. You can't exactly lug boxes down the stairs and heft everything into a moving truck. That's okay! Thankfully, there are residential moving companies that can do all of that for you. Here are some tips you should follow as someone who has trouble getting around and wants to hire movers.

Look for full-service movers

There are movers who expect everything to be packed and ready, and then they just load the moving truck. This approach works for a lot of people, but it might not work well for you. What you should be looking for is a service typically advertised as "full-service moving." While every company is a bit different, this generally means that the company will do all of the packing, loading, driving, unloading, and basic unpacking for you. Get quotes from a couple of companies that offer full-service moves. Customers often find that this service is more affordable than they would have thought.

Let the moving company know about your difficulties early on

Assuming you do arrange for a full-service move, the moving company won't expect you to do very much in terms of the move. However, you should still let them know, from the get-go, that your mobility is limited. This way, they will know not to plan on having you there to do things like hold the door, direct them to a parking spot, and so forth. Typically, knowing this, they will just make sure they bring along enough staff to handle these tasks. 

If you have any equipment related to your disability, let the movers know

Do you have a wheelchair, hospital bed, or any other equipment related to your mobility issues that needs to be moved? Tell the movers what you have. They may need to plan to disassemble certain items, figure out the best way to pack them in the moving truck, and so forth. Telling them about the items ahead of time gives them more time to plan. Also, if there is any equipment that you need set aside and not packed up by the movers, be sure to leave a big note on it the day of the move so it does not accidentally get loaded into the truck.

With some planning and the right moving service, moving will be easy — even when you're struggling to get around. For more information, contact a residential movers.