5 Things To Do Before The Moving Company Shows Up

If you have some professional movers coming to your home to move your items to your new house on moving day, there are a few things you are going to want to do in order before the residential moving company shows up.

1. Do A Final Walkthrough

You may have everything boxed up, but you will still want to do one last walkthrough. As you do that last walkthrough, open up every drawer, check every cabinet, and look on every shelf to ensure that you are not leaving anything behind. Look for little items that you may have left behind. Look for a box that you left and set it on a shelf in the hall closet that the movers could easily miss, seal it up, and move it somewhere where it is easier to find.

Doing a final walkthrough is a great way to ensure that you have picked up everything and not left anything behind.

2. Check the Bathrooms

Next, check the bathrooms. Someone may need to use the restrooms during the moving process, so you will want to ensure that you left a roll of toilet paper, a hand towel, and some soap in each bathroom. That way, if anyone has to use the bathroom, they will have supplies.

3. Open Up Parking Space

Moving outside, you will want to ensure that there is space for the moving truck to park. You may want to move your own vehicles so that the moving truck can get closer to your home. Ideally, you will have already talked to the moving company about where they should park their truck so you have space for the truck.

If you have neighbors, be sure to ask them beforehand to move their vehicles, so the moving truck has enough space to operate.

4. Put Out Some Snacks

The moving crew is going to be doing a lot of work for you. You may want to put out some snacks for them and let them know they are there. Put out a cooler with some water bottles, soda, and a few light snacks as well. It will be much appreciated.

5. Pack Your Car

Now you are going to want to pack up your car. You should have packed an overnight bag with your clothing, and that should go in your vehicle. You should also pack up any plants you have, as that is not something the moving company can handle.

Once the movers are done, do one last walkthrough to ensure that everything was packed up. Then, close all of the doors and windows, and pack up your snacks cooler, and head on out.