5 Things To Do Before The Moving Company Shows Up

If you have some professional movers coming to your home to move your items to your new house on moving day, there are a few things you are going to want to do in order before the residential moving company shows up. 1. Do A Final Walkthrough You may have everything boxed up, but you will still want to do one last walkthrough. As you do that last walkthrough, open up every drawer, check every cabinet, and look on every shelf to ensure that you are not leaving anything behind.

4 Items You Should Leave For The Professional Movers

If you are getting ready to make a local move, there are a few items you should allow the local movers to handle. These are items that you shouldn't try to move, as they require extra work and skill. Furniture Moving furniture never seems to be an easy task, even when the furniture is not that big. Most furniture is awkwardly shaped, even if it does not weigh that much. Moving furniture through multiple rooms, out of the house, into a truck, and into a new home without damaging the furniture or the home in any way is a difficult task.